Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The long wait .... Skye RDX 2013

This morning ..Wednesday I set off after a wet and breezy night to get an up date and a detailed forecast, for the next couple of days. The 10k walk was soon reduced after 10 minutes when I got lucky with a bus, and then back at the Old Inn for Wifi and a breakfast. The later had finished ... But a bacon and egg roll with a coffee was OK.. Happy days!

After many discussions and creative thinking both Zoe and Gary have decided to stick where we are and aim to get as far as we can. Rather than me go for the van and relocate, and attempt to make the most of each day.

Big thanks to Sonja for relaying the Blog updates and texting us weather forecasts, which have helped greatly with decisions. So how are we doing? Both Zoe and Gary have been doing a super job with the tidal planning, keeping hold of the big picture and looking at specifics at the same time. I was very impressed, on the evening of my demise while both ends of my body were expelling there contents, how they kept an open mind and created various plans and ideas. Really based on what I would be like in the morning!!

The tricky part now is not getting to comfortable in our strong and warm tents. Like that big climbing hold, you don't want to let go of ... unsure of the ground ahead and balancing decisions. For us its about keeping a close watch on any opportunities ..like Weds morning? There's a small window, which we currently intend to push our noses against and see what it looks like around the corner. It will be a head wind and big swell, but we have the option of returning to our camp if we're not happy. Then Thursday looks like its no paddle day and then good on Friday.

With about 130k to go to complete the loop, we need at least two good days, which currently looks like we haven't got .. Oh hum ....so our aim is to get to Eigol (?) and make the most of Fridays better forecast and explore the remainder of this stunning coastline ... hopefully ;)

So overall we are still hopeful, warm, refreshed, relaxed, reading and eating lots and hungry for some settled weather ...

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