Thursday, 10 March 2011

North Wales sea kayaking courses - 4* sea leader training

3 days of fantastic weather and conditions, which is often the benefit of doing a longer course, as its more likely to have varied conditions. First day after some tidal planning a journey out to Ynys Dulas, with some lovely winter sunshine.

One of the inquisitive onlookers at Ynys Dulas island. Looked at managing a group on a ferry glide, position and clear instructions, having a plan a, b and c, so as to be able to respond quickly and effectively to changing situations. Short leadership and navigation sections, made up the core of the day with reference to our tidal planning.

Gordon in point lynas tide race, in the last 50% of the main flow (2-3knots), looking for a wave. Some personal skills, stern rudders, fun & balance, rolling and self rescue.

Mikk, from Estonia, doing some fun & balance, and then into self rescues!

2nd day was a trip from Cemais Bay to Middle Mouse and back. Further reference to tidal planning and navigation to specific locations, group management, transits and the options and benefits of running down to an island and/or ferry gliding out. Gordon above with clean waves on the North side of the island.

Gordon, taking Mikk through the plan to get back. f4/5 created some exciting wind against tide

Mikk, paddling out first and a razor bill cruising in!

Crossing back to Anglesey, before landing for lunch and lots of towing techniques. A paddle back to our initial start and into much stronger winds. Finishing with a deep water rescue with the use of an anchored tow.

Our final day was f5 gusting f6/7 and surfing at tredour bay, with some leadership and scenarios for each of them to deal from a capsize in the open water in the middle of the bay, to a capsize in a gully with swell being channeled in. Gordon above paddling out.

Mikk on the way in.

Gordon running down the wave, and about to take a turn.

We finished with a journey to jumping jacks, cafe at Holyhead and some more detailed planning, with charts, going over and reflecting on the last few days and setting individual action plans.

Sadly Mikk was due to take the ferry back to Dublin that evening to catch his flight the following morning back to Estonia. We got to the ferry port 15 minutes before departure ... you need to be there 30 minutes before hand, and the woman behind the counter was a jobs worth ... the next one was 0240 in the morning, so at least he could still get his flight ... oh hum!!

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