Friday, 18 July 2014

Fast Track Intro Sea Kayaking

Jenny had done two days sea kayaking before (on a Bespoke with me) and her sister Liz, only one previous day (She was from Australia and surfed, so had exceptional balance).  We had a windy forecast so we headed inland to a protect lake, that would allow us to move in and out of conditions as the day and their skill level progressed.

The lagoons are beautiful and allow application of the strokes, which we practised on the open water and then applied, to move in and out of the channels.  The sky was atmospheric as we then paddled further up the lake.

Even a few sea gulls had decided to come inland!!

The middle of the lake was getting some wind, while the far side was VERY windy.  We stuck to the middle and worked with on side and off side stern rudders, to achieve control on a down wind run back to our starting point.

We took a break and chatted about what we had done so far ... then headed back up the lake for another down wind run!

The girls were doing super and really picking up the skills and fancied more of a challenge - "We could always cross to the other side of the lake ... " we paddled off and experienced a solid F4 with gust of F5

Back at our start point the girls rewarded them selves with a swim ... and reflected on the days super progression.

Fast Track Intro Sea Kayaking is about learning skills and accelerating your paddling.  More info can be found here.


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