Saturday, 12 July 2014

Tide Races, Cave's Sunshine and 12 from Denmark

What a fantastic few days and the feeling that this is what summers are about.  This group form Denmark was new to tide race work and fast flow, but were keen to experience what Anglesey could offer.  Id say the youngest was mid 50's and up to early 70's ... its never to late!

Photos have come out back to front, so the last 3rd actual day is first below.

Day 3 - the good weather forecast had  held and a day at the Stacks was looking good.  The Stacks is an advanced sea kayaking journey with, a committing and spectacular rocky coastline, with tall rock walls, strong tidal streams and significant back eddies.

It was a great day and in some ways what the two days previously was all about, developing the skills and abilities to paddle a trip like the Stacks.

Day 2 started with a windier forecast and as eddy line work was needed time in the Menai Straits, made sense.  We began with the last of the ebb, so the current was slow and as we reached slack water we did various rescues and had lunch.  As the flood picked up we did a few reverse eddy turns, ones with eyes closed and then some fun and balance eddy turns and ferry glides.

We finished with some good runs back to Menai Bridge an din the sunshine ...

Day 1 - Rhoscolyn.  As it was on the ebb, all was gentle to begin with and turning and stern rudders were focused on.  These were then put into various contexts, such as down wind runs and narrow channels and blending into a turn ...

The wind picked up at one point and soon passed through, as we sat down for lunch to allow the flood current to pick up.  The flood was into a F3 so it was soon, providing what we wanted ...

Thanks to Steve Miles for his help and it was great to share a few days with a super bunch of people, with great conditions and some Anglesey, North wales sunshine ...


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