Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sea Kayak Mentoring, North Wales, Anglesey

Sea Kayak Mentoring is very well and up and running with Coastal Spirit.  An area Roger really enjoys working in and facilitating, having a strong back ground in development training.  The page has now been updated with more profiles, with clients ranging in age, abilities and aspirations.  Anglesey, North Wales is the perfect place to develop a whole set of paddling skills, ability and confidence.  With fast currents, wind waves, committing coastlines and off shore islands.  While at the same time, sheltered coves and gentle shores.

If you want to progress quicker, need focus on how to move forwards, a gentle prod now and again and are keen to develop your sea kayaking, have a look at the page below.  There is no additional cost, just your commitment and motivation, an open mind and a curiosity to learn.

Details are here


PS:  BIG thanks for those who took the time to create their profiles.

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