Wednesday, 3 June 2015

50 things to do in my 50's - a bucket list, so far!

50 things to do in my 50's

A bucket list is believed to come from the saying 'to kick the bucket', meaning he's about to die.  It is thought to be associated with a hanging someone.  The bucket supported the person, before it was then kicked away. The term became popular after a film called the 'bucket list', with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson did a road trip, with a wish list. 

I'm not about to die but want to make the most of these next ten years.  With purpose and meaning. Our dreams and goals are often closer than they appear. There's nothing that makes us more able than anyone else to accomplish our goals, I've just decided to go after them. 

I was once asked what are you fearful of ...I pondered ... well probably public speaking and freezing in front of loads of people! But I have found, knowing my material, being prepared and as some one said to me, 'Imagine every one is sat in front of you is naked, helps'.   I pondered some more ... and said my biggest fear is doing nothing with my life, being ordinary and letting life pass me by.  One of my favourite Mark Twain quotes is:

This quote helped me, eight years ago when I took the leap and set up my own company Coastal Spirit.   and still does when I come across something new or unfamiliar.   

From working over the years and being highly motivated with development training, goal setting has been a key element of my work and has fascinated me.  Why do New Years resolutions fail, while goal setting works.  Research suggests your more likely to achieve your goals by writing them down.  Why is this?
  • it helps to clarify what you want.  You now have a destination and the task, now is how to get there.
  • its a thought and a dream, until its written down and changed into a project
  • with goals being visual I'm reminded of them and I find this motivating
  • seeing what I've achieved helps me to celebrate progress and growth

What follows is my list of 50ish things to do in my 50’s.  Some I have completed already.  The opportunity appeared and I just couldn't wait!   Others are part of a 10 year plan like learning Spanish, with the aim of being proficient.  While others may not make the end of the year, like - wing walking a World I plane (very expensive!!)  There not in a particular order or  written in stone.  Its really about enjoying and making the most of the next 10 years and ensuring they don't pass me by  Thanks to Sean for the original idea and many who have made suggestions.  You know who you are, thank you.

Travel in a foreign country solo – done.. 11/2014  but want to do more!
Travel on the navimag in Chile - Done
Walk the ‘W’ Torries del Paine park Chile - Done ... and its the start of more trekking ideas ..

Paddle class 3 white water, in a foreign country – more paddling in UK in preparation - 2 rivers done and more this summer.  Chile Nov 2015 planned.
Paddle close to ice bergs – done 11/2014 .. but want some more ... Greenland?

Paddle in Baja - done 2/2015

Scuba dive in Baja – done. 12mt refresher and then an 18mt dive with sea lions!
Whale watch in Baja - done 2/2015
Paddle the pentland firth - Orkney - Done 4/2015, but going back Aug 2015 to experience more!

Become clearer on coaching Greenland back deck rolling 
Spend more time and do something significant with mum and dad
Spend more time with close friends - take time off at easter and school holidays ...

Do a longer trek in a foreign country - need to research - the great Himalayan trail? the Pacific rim?
Big paddle expedition around - Vancouver Island Aug 2016, Coastline area of Greenland and around Iceland? consider southern hemisphere .. Tazmania?
Do a mulit day MTB journey – such as the Atacama desert -happy to do it as part of a group
Learn Spanish - on going and aim in 10 yeas to be solid!
Dog sledging... probably Norway
Ice hotel - Sweden
Drink Vodka + watch the Northern lights in Scandinavia
Volunteer - in a food bank or similar 
Paddle with whales close up - done!  Saw a pod of Orcas close up on the Roof and a Minke whale 4/2015.  Very happy to paddle with more!
See wild penguins close up - punta arenas?
Take private dance lessons
Paddle a surf ski - and then see what I think about anything else, race wise!
Get a tattoo - pondered this one for the last 20 years!
Sail a sea kayak ... flat earth sail ...
Make a table out of wood, with no glue or nails – do a course on green wood working principles …
Visit Colonsay.
Listen to my body more and treat it better.  Have regular sport's massages, maintain current weight (12-12.7st) through good food, gentle drinking and exercise.
Mindfulness living more in the moment - meditation explore concept

Listen to my instinct more and follow my gut
Try riding my mtb clipped in!! ... 
Take my mtb to a new place and explore - doing ...
Rediscover something I loved to do – Trek with tent, started.  Open boat and do a journey again and paddle lower trywern
Do a Winter mountaineering route with S and J
Do a multi-pitch rock climb with S and J
Do a free diving course and learn the principles ...
Swim a mile/length of a Welsh, English and Scottish llyn, lake and tarn!
Do a boxing day swim .. !!
Make a sponge cake  ... was given a cake making book and cake tins!  Made aple crumbles and bread and butter pudding ... time to make cake!
Read the Hobbit - its on the shelf!
Do a length ways table traverse - done chile 2014
Spend more time camping - ongoing
Learn to cross country ski
Watch a ballet performance – the royal ballet?
Experience an opera in Rome
Coasteering - parliament h/cave to w/zawn – rough day!
Wing walking – copy of ww1 plane -very expensive for such a short time!
Visit Anglesey sea zoo - done 2/2015
Write a book ... 
Attend a yoga retreat
Make a bramble style wine - have a word with Pat
Month long van road trip - around Ireland and if I love it, then Norway …
Walk the Chinese plank tea room track or something similar ...
Do the pint glass on your head and remove with my knee’s backward roll and place on the ground - more yoga stretching and lengthening of my back needed!

If you had two days to live what would you want to do?  Were would you go? who would you see? and how would you like to be remembered?

Why wait to your 50's, why not consider your 30's, 40's or your 60's and create your own specific list of dreams and goals. Go on write them down.  Just make sure you make the most of your journey.  Its yours after all.  

What's your story going to be like?

roger chandler