Wednesday, 30 March 2011

bespoke sea kayaking course - North Wales, Anglesey

Tracy and Andy were keen to up their skills, having bought their own boats back in the summer and are looking forward to a couple of paddles in Scotland this summer, partly under their own steam. Bespoke, is individualised for you, and enables you to focus on what you want and what you need to do, to get there. Puffin Island was the first day, with going over inside turns and draw strokes, static and on the move. We did a couple of eddy turns and then pushed on for the back of the island.

A couple of the seals were on true performance, with swimming under the boats with a fin either side, truly stunning.

At lunch one was considering joining us, but I guess she's fed up of tuna! We then crossed back over with the flow now in the other direction, using transits and paddle back into the bay. A couple of balance games and then ago at a couple of the self rescues, to finish off the day.

2nd day was at Rhoscolyn, moving on the previous day, greater focus on commitment to edge and feeling the water.
Then out to the Beacon, to work with some bigger and faster water, with both Tracy & Andy, working well and moving forwards.

Another super two days, with blue sea and skies .. i love high pressures ...and two people really throwing them selves into developing their skills and ability - I couldn't really ask for more, fantastic.

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