Sunday, 20 March 2011

North Wales sea kayaking - 3* sea kayaking train/assessment course

The day started prompt with coffee and going over the syllabus and some tidal planning, before a drive to Bull Bay, North coast Anglesey. Inside and out side turns, and then bow rudders and cross bow rudders, with a focus on BODY & Boat, polished off with the blade. Taran below experimenting with across deck bow rudder.
Loads of rock gardening, moving in and out of various channels, and a cave, putting the strokes into context. Jill paddling out of a channel.

Taran reversing into a super cave.

Following lunch at the brick works a journey into Hells Mouth, with a couple of rolls, and deep water rescues, before returning wind assisted and use of stern rudders.

Miss laid my camera today, so no photos. The rough water and paddling in wind was in the Straits, with some wind against tide providing super conditions for exciting ferry glides, towing work and various systems, before a journey into the Swelies, with working on eddy turns before moving back up the various eddies. Congratulations to Jill who completed her training and Taran who passed the assessment.

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