Tuesday, 22 March 2011

North Wales Sea Kayaking - the supermoon & playing on the Swellies wave

This weekend, on the 19th March, was the "supermoon" or technical referred to as a Perigee ...when the moon is at its closes point to the earth, and BIG high and low Spring tides. Interested? this link says more about the supermoon. I was also only reading this morning about 5 boats that went aground in the English Channel over the weekend, also blamed on the moon, see this link. I know its the mail, but I was having a coffee at the time and it was all they had!

So having worked the weekend, this morning at 0615, my alarm clock went off and after a swift breakfast and a ponder what to wear (I got really hot last time) i was down at the slip way for 0730 to meet Justine, from "this is the sea" fame. Unfortunately no Barry as his wrist is still sore. We paddled into the flood tide, towards Menai Bridge above.

These little fellows we rarely sea, so I covered them up before a hungry gull located them.

When we got there, 2 people were having a great play in river boats, clearly talented. Phill Clegg then arrived, in another river boat. Justine above working her way up to then drop down on the wave, with Britannia Bridge in the back ground.

This was my 2nd time on the wave, and after my first time I was a little nervous. last time i could get on it, but came off the other end almost as quick, and I really had worked hard. So this time I just wanted 1 controlled ride.

This photo was taken just after 1.5 hours from the top shot, of the green marker post, although it doesn't really give the complete picture, a lot had happened in a short period of time!

It was a real work out, in a very dynamic, changing environment. Characteristics of a wave on a river, as its contained but as the tide floods in, it surges and just when you think you have the way on, or how to work it best, it changes and throws something else at you!

What I wore was spot on, woolly socks, padded shorts an icebreaker thin thermal and my Peak Uk dry suit, which was just as well as 5 minutes into it all I had a roll. Anyway... I got that controlled ride and then a 2nd one, and we were driving off at 0900 totally motivated and enthused, about the day ahead ; )

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