Monday, 14 March 2011

North Wales sea kayaking - winter skills sea kayaking course

This was the last of the winter series and skills courses for 2011, and despite a windy forecast, it never really arrived. A paddle on the Straits from the mermaid inn, crossing to Carnarfon, castle and then down to Menai Bridge.

Keith leading as we approach Britania Bridge, with Simon and then Jon. We also had a discussion on towing and a practice with contact tows and single in line towing. All were surprised how straight forward it was.

Some sheltered eddy turns and ferry gliding to finish off the day, before leaving the bridge arches behind and a short paddle to Menai Bridge, for hot chocolates/coffees and a reflection on the day. Thanks to Simon for helping with the shuttle.

This seasons Sea Kayaking Winter Series and Skills was a great success, with a total of nine days and with many course dates fully subscribed (two people were unable/chose not to attend the last session and moved to another date). The aim of the course is to keep your skills developing and moving forwards by keeping you active over the Winter, so that when Spring and the Summer returns, your fully ready for your own adventures ... dates for 2011-12 will be set around August.

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