Monday, 9 January 2012

Bardsey Island - island in/of the tides

Following a call from Justine on Saturday, her and Barry were keen to paddle over to Bardsey Island, would I be interested ... I jumped at the opportunity. Up early to make the most of the day, Marcus joined me and the 1.5 hour drive through mist and drizzle was soon completed as we reached Aberdaron, on the Llyn Peninsular.

The forecast had been F4/5 but we only had a F3 against us. The ebbing current which was flowing against us was stronger than I had expected and quite close in so we had to make the use of the eddies, although due to swell we couldn't get that close and gain much shelter. This made for some excitement, but nothing hairy.

I hadn't been out to Bardsey Island for may be a year. Back in April when paddling round Wales, we had made the most of the good weather and after a short break at Aberdaron had pushed on straight through the sound. So I was really looking forward to visiting the island.

We headed on the northerly headland to make the most of the ebbing current to cross to the island.

The wind had began to drop, as we entered the rough water and began our ferry glide ...

The skies began to brighten as we approached the island. A small boat approached us and this were Barry and Justines friends, the Porters who look after the island and despite them going to the mainland Steve invited us to there house and told us to go up and help our selfs to a pot of tea ...

Our welcome team ...

Steve and Ben once back joined us for some tea and we chatted for a while, before taking a walk to the top of the island. We had a super view and a gentle breath of the wind.

Back down we were introduced to a couple more of the locals ... before heading back. It was great to have met Steve, a paddler him self who has been solo round Wales, Scotland and crossed the Irish sea and put a name to a face.

Crossing back there was very little wind and we were treated to the amazing changing colours and light from the descending sun ...

Once back on the beach, the colours were stunning ... I had to remind myself this was January, as it was so mild

Justine made the most of some lovely steep swell, in the fading light and what had been a super Winters day on the sea ... happy days!!

Justines blog can be seen here and photos taken by Marcus can be seen here

roger chandler


  1. Lovely photos Roger! and what a great day!

  2. Hi Roger,fantastic shots ! It was good to meet you at last. I hope you come and see us again sometime soon...