Sunday, 22 January 2012

showers, sunshine and wind - xplore winter skills

With a forecast of F6 gusting F7/8 westerly a paddle in the Straits was the plan and it was great to see Sue, Keith & Simon again ... plus Tracy & Andy who were out the previous weekend. We got on at Menai Bridge and did about an hours work on ferry glides and positioning in pairs, for some this was a re familiarisation with their kayak, before paddling on into a headwind and into the Swellies. Wind was more F4 with occasional gusts of F5 and not forecast ...rain!!

After a short brake and a brief strong shower, the sun showed its self and the wind dropped ... we paddled on under the a55 bridge towards the NT trust property and took another short brake.

Mole y Don was our aim and soon we were on the way back with some gentle pushes from the wind and tide and sunshine!! We met some other paddlers and friends out on the water, who were also enjoying the sudden arrival of the blue sky ...

One of the great benefits this time of the year is the masses of birds ... there must have been over 100 Oyster Catchers here, which we gave a wide birth so as to avoid them taking off and wasting energy, when food sources are at a premium at this time of year.

We were soon back, loading kayaks on to roofs and the trailer, changed and then in to the newly refurbished Liverpool Arms, to wrap up the day.

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