Sunday, 29 January 2012

Something Different - Holyhead to Cardiff and back via the coast!

Sonja on a training ride a few weeks back

Sonja is Making the most of this quieter time of year and begun a journey she first thought of last April 2011, while I was leading our paddle round Wales. Her plan is to cycle from Holyhead to Cardiff (approx 5 days), mainly on the Lo Las Cymru and then back via the coast (approx 6 days).

She is travelling light and mainly using YHA's and bunk houses, although as she found out a few days ago, when attempting to book, many are only open this time of the year for large groups! She has a jet boil stove, to brew up when needed and decided on putting in a small sleeping bag in just in case some bunkhouse have no linen ... Mondays forecast is for snow, so providing this is on the higher ground she will be arriving at Brecon, then hopefully Cardiff by Tuesday. Then somewhat dependant on mileage and what accommodation is available, the Gower and on to Pembroke!

Ozzy and me have some male bonding to do ... we wish you well xx


  1. Good Luck Sonja! Debs and I cycled to Chepstow on the Lo Las Cymru a few years ago, it was quite a tough ride but well worth it, have a great time.

  2. Good luck Sonja. South Wales snow notwithstanding it looks like you've picked an ideal weather window. Just watch out for black ice!
    Rich Waller