Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sun, sea & surf - Xplore sea kayaking course

With a super forecast and our intermediate winter course, I was looking forward meeting up with Jon, Gary, Tracy & Andy again, following the Christmas break. After coffees and some time for the group to create a plan, Carmell Head was the decision, on the East coast of Anglesey. My plan was to be involved as little as I could and allow the group to make decisions, almost as if i wasn't their ...

We arrived 1.5 hours before Hw, so made the most of the caves and arches, before paddling on around the headland, in the last of the flood. A break and some lunch, was also useful as we were able to watch the increasing ebb current begin to move closer to the coast.

We had a stiff paddle & ferry glide out towards, west mouse and made the eddy. Providing a helpful exercise in appreciating the speed of the current ... now the task was to get back!!

Clouds began to gather and form ... the light was fantastic ... we kept out in the ebb current and paddled close to headland as we paddled back round and then moved out, from the coastline and making the most of the flow. We did a few towing scenarios, to keep skills refreshed and then cut back into the coast before the last bay. This provided a strong back eddy, for the group to manage, which provided a useful discussion latter.

Sunday - Porth Dafarch

Following more coffee, planning and discussions, a trip round the Stacks looked possible, with the last of the flood, so we could go from Porth Dafarch, although as we drove from Trearddur Bay, a big line of white and rough water could be seen .... on arrival surf was coming into the beach and the sea looked confused and messy ...

There was a good 1.5-2mt swell running, so we decided to paddle a couple of circuits, to get a feel for it all, before making a decision.

Decision was to remain in the bay area, do a couple more runs out and then back in and make the most of the surf ...

Which we certainly did ... it was great to see individuals, experimenting and apply skills, with great effect

We finished as we had started, with amazing blue skies, surprisingly big swell, little wind and big grins spread across our faces, what a bonus for this time of year!

roger chandler

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