Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Becoming self- sufficient ... bespoke sea kayaking courses

Both Zoe and Richard had expressed a goal of becoming self-sufficient, moving out and working towards planning and paddling their own trips, so i left them the task overnight of considering the wind and conditions and planning their own paddle, for the day.

The North coast Anglesey was their chosen venue due to a South wind and ranging from F3-5 ...although one forecast had gust up to f6! After dropping their vehicle and changing at Porth Eilian we all drove of to Cemaes Bay.

My role was so be in the back ground, to occasionally question, highlight situations, be their as a sounding board and back up.

Contemplating a paddle out to Middle Mouse ... which they managed very well and further helped with understanding of current, flow, eddies and back eddies.

In the back of Hells Mouth and looking down the coast at Middle Mouse, just before spotting a peregrine falcon!

Into the brick works, for some lunch ...

The main cave along the coast ... with many a porpoise sighting and fair amount of sea birds for the time of year ... they too must have been enjoying the sunshine. We were soon at the end and loading boats and reflecting on a well managed and super step towards moving out and becoming self - sufficient.

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