Thursday, 16 June 2011

Bespoke sea kayaking - North Wales, Anglesey

Dani and Pat were on a 2 day Bespoke sea kayaking course, and over from Australia and first clients from down under! We had some super sunshine and although the wind was there it didn't come in strong until later. Both had mixed previous experience, although it sounded like Dani experience was more of an epic in 1.5mt Australian surf with salt water crocs and deadly jelly fish ... I just love the uk!

So I as keen to offer some excitement with LOW consequences ... so we began with getting a feel for edge and body transfer, this really helps the boat to turn, yet can feel committing! Pat showing us how ...

We were at Bull Bay and just after high water so we explored the small caves at the back of the bay and then moved into and out of the flow, as we journeyed along, the shore and clifs.

As we moved along we did some rock gardening, moving in and out of the channels, further enhancing our turning skills.

Dani, following on in good style.

Our destination was the brick works and the wind was blowing out of the bay so we took the longer way round and had a good break on the beach, before returning with some work on following seas, with the use of skegs and stern runners.

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