Wednesday, 8 June 2011

North Wales sea kayaking - Bespoke 2 day (Anglesey, Bull Bay)

Our bespoke sea kayaking focuses on what you want and delivers at your pace and Bull Bay was the destination, with Beatrice and Tom, from Switzerland. After a coffee and a discussion about what they both wanted, we looked at the weather forecast and did some tidal planning. Overall what they both wanted was a gentle introduction to swell and rough water and an opportunity to focus on strokes and skills and any wildlife was a bonus.

Lots of outside and inside turns and the use of stern rudders were the main focus and some rock gardening (moving in and out the rocks).

One of our breaks on a small sandy beach.

Tom with the brick works in the back ground.

Beatrice showing good body rotation with her stern rudder.

Tom setting up on one of the narrow shoots.

Beatrice keeping focused, with some swell pushing through!

Thursday will depend on the weather if we have the winds as forecast F5/6 overnight then may be some surf at Treadour, we will have to wait and see!

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