Sunday, 19 June 2011

Intermediate sea kayaking course - North Wales, Anglesey

Super day at Treadour Bay on the west coast of Anglesey, with a journey up to Porth Dafach and back. Forecast was F4 gusting F5 and then dropping, which ended up being a F3, so some good swell was about, but little wind : )

We begun with some work in the swell and crossing the bay, running down wind and turning, then a run towards the beach and some super surf landings. Tracy on the way out, with great active paddling, after a great run in.

Tracy at the end of another run

Andy with some good edge and a run in.

John, getting caught side ways, after a run in and demonstrating great support!

Keith on his way into Porth Dafach, which had good swell and quite an atmosphere, although little surf.

John on his way in.
We paddled back to Treadour Bay, and finished off with self rescues, deep water rescues and a couple of more runs in ... happy days!

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