Tuesday, 7 June 2011

North Wales Sea kayaking - Bespoke 4 day private course

Beat and Michaela were back with eight of their clients from Switzerland, and with 4 returning from last year ...which is always great to catch up and here about the last year.

Tides and weather meant for a paddle around Point Lynas and on to Ynis Dulas and then back to play on the tide race. With and intro to the sea kayaks and a dry land deep water rescue practised, we then did some edging skills, before paddling around the headland, almost at slack water.

On arriving at Ynis Dulas, after a ferry glide out, the small shingle bank was providing a super gentle race, and allowed for a great intro with stern rudders, forward speed and timing.

Looking out from the island.

After a brief break for lunch we then jumped on the tide and road it back to Point Lynas.

The top of the race was fairly calm and after a few runs down and surfing, back up, we had a super surprise with around eight porpoises joining in!

Back in the bay some fun and balance, getting to know our boats, with every one getting involved.

The 2nd day was off to The Stacks, with a super forecast, good tide and the group up to speed. North Stack was a busy place and was fairly gentle although fast.

Some exploring around the coast, in and out of the caves and arches, before a run through South stack race which was bigger but better formed.

We landed briefly at the back of the bay for a leg stretch before the final push towards Treadour bay.

A great two days, with the weather that you come to expect for June and with a super group.

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