Thursday, 9 June 2011

North Wales sea kayaking courses - Bespoke - Puffin Island

After a coffee and some planning Puffin Island was our destination, for some wildlife viewing and the whole island experience. We were also going to build on the use of stern rudders and introduce the use of the keg. There was a fair swell running, so launching on the North shore was exciting, even more so as Tom was in his feather craft (folding and pack away canvas sea kayak), so keeping well off the rocks!

The birds were super, with some razorbills below, also know as our Northern hemisphere penguins...

Beatrice enjoying the run down the northern side of the island.

The seals were making the most of lower water on the far end of the island and we kept our distance, letting them come to us.

Which didn't take that long!

We landed on the Southern side, and had a welcomed break, although with the wind it was pretty cool, and we stayed wrapped up.

Ferry glide back across, towards the light house and then some shorter runs through the faster water.
Tom leading out and into the welcomed sunshine!

One final run through the end of the race with some wind against tide wrapped up the day ... the island never disappoints!

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