Tuesday, 7 June 2011

sea kayaking course - Bespoke Skerries and the Straits

The 3rd day of the sea kayaking course on Anglesey, saw us arrive at Cemlyn on the North coast of Anglesey, considering a paddle out to the Skerries and around to Church Bay. I say considering as the forecast was NE F4/5 and early in the day it was wind against tide so the sea was likely to be pretty rough. By the time shuttles had been done the wind had dropped to f3 and now wind with tide and we had a window. We set off on a dropping ferry glide for various cardinal marks to get on the tide.

Coal Rock North cardinal, below .... before turning for the Skerries.

Arriving at the Skerries after an exciting ride through the last race and a super welcome from the 3,500 terns!

The must group shot!

Enjoying lunch with the terns in the back ground and a few seals basking in the sunshine below.

Crossing towards Carmell head and Church Bay, with the two black flecks in the background (two paddle blades) and a moderate sea!

One of the mornings planning sessions for the 3 star training group

Sunday was our last paddle day and a classic journey on the Straits and the Swellies. Photo just under Menai Bridge, which the current and wind towards us.

Big thanks to Beat and Michaela for bringing the group and for the 2nd year and great that Aled Williams (Tiderace sea kayak designer) could also paddle with us on the Sunday.

Thanks to Barry & Justine for two additional sea kayaks and Phil at Surf-lines.

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