Monday, 27 August 2012

3 star training

Keith, Ann, Diana and Steven had book on a weekends 3 star sea training, so the start of the day saw us working through the syllabus over a coffee, and clarifying terms such as a moderate tidal environment.  Forecast was F4/5 and from the NW, so Rhoscolyn was our chosen location.

Diana above working with crossing the wind, which was funnelling out of the bay.  This provided a useful channel of wind, which we could move in and out of, while setting a course with a buddy, using transits and towing into, across and down wind.

Sunday was a gentler day, with F3/4 SW winds and much brighter.  After some initial tidal planning and a shuttle run (thanks Steven), we were doing a one way trip, from Cemais Bay to Bull Bay.

Conditions were good, with a  gentle 1ft swell, surfing on to the beach and the group explored stern rudders and edge, briefly before heading out of the bay.  We were on Neaps but I was still keen to get round the most Northerly headland before the current picked up.  Ann above in the swell as we left the bay.

Diana and Steven, having left the main flow (white capped area) and now in the eddy, with middle mouse in the back ground.

The edge of Hells Mouth had an eddy stream which was opposing the incoming swell and provided a good following sea.  We stopped for some lunch on the small rocky beach, before continuing our journey. Steven above ...

Keith and Ann at the back of Hells Mouth ...

The brick works ... we paddled on pass ...

Ann reversing into the main cave and demonstrating good, boat positioning and reversing skills.

Once round at Bull Bay, I demonstrated a deep water rescue and Keith put me back into my kayak.  We looked at bracing strokes and had a 10 minute recap and summary before getting off the water.

The Trecastle Inn, happy been happy for me to leave my van and trailer, so following picking up Stevens car a drink and a look at action plans, completed a busy weekend.


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