Friday, 24 August 2012

Discover sea kayaking

The first day of our Discover sea kayaking course saw 5 people, Barbara who had joined us a couple of years ago, and new faces with Heledd, Bryn, Philip and Rebbecca.  It was a mixed and variable forecast, SW forecast and Moelfre to Benlech looked like it would be a good venue for an introductory paddle.

Sunshine, showers, blue sky and cloudy grey skies ... but all kitted up and an opportunity to dive in-to a hooded jacket, kept every one happy.  Sonja was also out with me to day so for skills based sessions we work the group as a 3 and 2.  Focus was on outside edged turns, using more of body, rather than blade to achieve result.

Rebbecca above despite short gusty sections of windier weather was up front for most of the time ...pretty good for only being 13 years of age!

One of the heavier shows ...

And then a hot, bright sunny spell ...

As we headed back, stern rudders and edge was introduced to control direction of the sea kayak when the wind was blowing from behind and then lastly how the skeg could be of use.

Day 2: Saw Barbara, Heledd and Bryn out again and we were on the Menai Straits, just up from Menai Bridge, mainly to avoid the full force of the wind and gain the shelter this area can some times provide.

Heledd paddling in some gentle flow as we now consider eddy turns and ferry glides.

After some work on a a couple of inside/low brace turns we headed out on the flood tide, to gain the benefit of the flow ... and then cut back into the island working or way back up to the bridge.

Our last run down and this time further in the flow and being more exposed to the wind funnelling out of the Straits, allowing good opportunity to further practise the skills used the previous day.

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