Monday, 13 August 2012

Cream teas and silky seas

Kath and Sedge were back and this time with a good friend of there,s called Ed and looking for a relaxed weekend.  Ed had done very little before so a gentle introduction was the theme. So when I suggested the west coast of Anglesey, Sandy Bay to Church Bay for a classic real strawberry cream tea and then paddle back, it fitted the day!

It was a great sunny day, with enough water to allow exploring of the occasional cave and rocky channel and a super lunch break!

Day two and some mixed weather, so jackets were out to begin with and the Menai Straits, as Ed was keen to experience some flow.  We were towards the end of the ebb, so after working on inside turns, we put these with flow, considering speed and angle, developing the theme as we crossed the channel with a ferry glide, (pointing across the flow so as not to loose any ground).

The wind was very lighter after the rain had passed and the light and reflection was magic ...

There was loads of herons about and a few more egrets ...  we met Barry shaw with a team and stopped for lunch at Yfellinheli. Our return journey now had a gentle breeze behind use and two hours of the flood, so we were soon back at Britania Bridge ...

Ed, doing really well after two days in a sea kayak!

Kath joining us ...

Sedge making his way back with a ferry glide, in the faster flow ... and keeping his eye on the ball ...

The team of Kath, Sedge and Ed and another super weekend of sea kayaking on Anglesey.

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