Friday, 17 August 2012

Bespoke sea kayaking

It must have been about a year or so ago when Debbie booked a Gift Voucher for a days sea kayaking for Ian and herself and time had flown until this moment.  It was a windy forecast, so after a coffee and a chat it was decided to go inland to llyn Padarn, a large lake on the edge of Llanberis and at the foot of Snowdon.

We spent some time working on outside edge, clarifying the difference between edging and leaning, which is then required for inside edged turns.  The lake was perfect, with good shelter which also allowed the two of them to progress well.

Happy and pleased with current progress ....

After introducing use of skeg and a couple of down wind runs, we paddle up towards the head of the lake ... and did an initial mid way run back and then went over stern rudders ..

It was a good finish to the day and both had progressed really well, with controlling the sea kayaks in a blustery f3 and some gentle swell.

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