Monday, 20 August 2012

Club sea kayak weekend

Mark was back for the third year with the kayak club he once paddled with and despite a wild and wet Friday night, Saturday morning all eight were looking bright and happy for two days of sea kayaking on the Anglesey coastline.  The forecast was also due to improve with winds dropping and the potential for some sunshine, bonus!

We paddled on the North coast to avoid the SW wind, Bull Bay to the brick works, Hells Mouth and back.  Ian, Christine, Mark and Craig were in my team, while Barry Shaw was with the other four.

We were just before high water and on a good spring tide, so we could get in to a number of caves and narrow gullies ... now Barry's team was up ahead and as we approached we could see something going on the rock face ...

Apparently they had seen this white creature jump off the cliff and in the first instance thought it was a dog, like a golden labrador, but soon realised it was a sheep, which had been chased by a dog off its lead!!!  Barry had parked his group and then balanced out of his kayak, dragging a wet sheep up the rocks when another fella appeared from above to assist ...all seemed to work out well!

We carried on to the brick works for lunch before paddling round into hells mouth.  The days highlight was the many porpoises we saw, single and in 2/3's and yes .... the sun really did shine!!

Sunday morning and after good paddling from both groups the day before and much lighter winds forecast a journey to Puffin Island was looking hopeful.

A silky calm start at the top end of the Straits, with the Great Orme on the right ...

It was soon raining and a big bull seal welcomed us ....

Barry team at  Penmon light house and from left to right: Julian, Keith, Cliff and Vick sitting in the eddy and working with eddy turns and ferry glides ...

After a good paddle round and a few curious seals we landed back on the main land, for some lunch.  A few decided on a coffee at the cafe, while others came back on the water to work in some quicker flow.  Once all back together we paddle back into the current and eddy hoped our way round the headland and paddled back to our start point, after another successful weekend.  many thanks to Barry Shaw, for helping out and for the last two photos!

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