Friday, 17 August 2012

Wind blown surf and tidal flow paddling

Zoe was down for the day and i was able to pick her up from Bangor station and then on to some breakfast as I talked through the weather forecast.  F5-7 from the E, with heavy rain, brightening up latter as the wind went more SE and decreased, in strength.  So a two venue day would make sense, surf and then flow!

We drove to two venues on the east coast, Benlech and Treath Bechan.  The 2nd was better as the bay was slightly protected and the waves were steeper, but as it was run high water there was little beach left and a lot of rocks!  Benlech on the other hand had much more space, despite being messy.  We worked with a couple of runs with feed back breaks in between, while I also did a couple of demo runs and took lots of photos, so Zoe could view latter.

Aim was inside edged stern rudder and blending into inside edge to leave the wave and running right, so as to avoid being blown down wind (yep ... there was more South in the wind!)  It was great seeing how Zoe had progressed, with confidence and skill.  Her reaction were great and it was a tough place to be working ...

A quite moment ... while I was on the water (photo taken by Zoe)

There was a couple of other guys out, also catching waves ...  back in the car park, boats on the roof and time for some lunch and tea at the cafe and uploading photos to Zoe's lap top, so we could talk through.  Then on to Menai Bridge, and the swellies for some tidal paddling.

The Straits was on the flood, so was flowing against us and provided a great task of eddy hopping up and then powering forward, towards Britannia Bridge.  Zoe led a good line and then once at the bridge, we did a couple of ferry glides, before I then led, into a couple of faster eddies.

The sun was now out and turning into a beautiful afternoon, and I set a number of circuits, increasing the precision and difficulty as I went.

Zoe leaving an eddy and working her way back across the main flow.  A super and varied day for Zoe, who has really developed and moved forwards.  Zoe now has chosen to join our Guide and Performance Training Programme

Interested in doing something similar? then contact me for more details ...


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