Friday, 20 May 2011

Bespoke Sea Kayaking - North Wales, Anglesey

Bespoke is our sea kayaking course were you create the programme, specific to you and at your pace. Today saw Tracy & Andy on a days Bespoke and following a coffee and a discussion of what they wanted, to work in swell and wind. Treadour Bay was our choice as the wind was SW F5 gusting F6, so we would get enough shelter and would be able to slowly get used to the conditions. We worked across the bay and created circuits, getting used to the swell and wind.

Andy leading into the bay, in some good swell.
Tracy leading out after a good surf in.

We finished of the day with some surfing, working with body position, timing, high stern rudder, low braces and eyes up. A couple of swims later and then some good runs in, finished the day an whats more the sun came out!

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