Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Improve sea kayaking - courses North Wales, Anglesey

Our Improve sea kayaking course, or also known as an intro mediate course introduces swell, current, and rougher water. Ruth was having 1:2:1 coaching and had a clear idea of what she waited to develop further and that was understanding better what effect the conditions she was seeing ahead would have and what did she need to do to be ready.

The Straits was a super spot for eddies, back eddies, current, wind and all creating different affects. Following a coffee, and a short walk across from the boat yard and we were afloat.

A couple of Shell ducks, which we saw a lot of during the day, and hundreds of oyster catchers.

Ruth on our return journey and working with wind against tide.

The 2nd day saw lighter winds and following a successful previous day and theme, we began with some tidal planning, so we had a bigger picture of what was going on. The location was Bull Bay, North Coast Anglesey, which also had a number of gentle current and back eddies close into the shore.

Ruth paddling through the current which empties out of the bay two hours after high water.

Into wind and the brick works on the right.
Hells mouth, working our way back and with a porpoise sighting!

Some manoeuvring close in and a Hearing gull on her nest, before returning to our start. We found a comfortable pub, for a pot of tea and an opportunity to reflect back over the days paddles and to look back at the photos.

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