Monday, 23 May 2011

north wales sea kayaking - discover

Saturday morning arrived and so did the wind! After meeting the group over a coffee, a chat and a plan. The plan had to change and adapt with us air vine inland to paddle on Llyn Padarn. Outside turns and the use of edging and body position/pressure was explored to further assist turning and also inside turns, with more of a lean.

Frank below pondering and thinking it over

Sally in the green kayak, leading us through the lagoons and Richard in the foreground.

Following a break with individuals picking up the strokes and with some gentle swell on the lake we progressed to working with a following sea and managing swell, using a stern rudder and the keg on the kayak. Zoe below keeping her kayak on line.

Smiles were amongst the group and a number of goes were experienced, with further tips added to get the best out of the run. The distance was gently increased until a run of around 200-250mt was achieved.

Sally leading the way into the wind, with Frank following.

On one of the runs back down the lake being assisted by the wind and the swell. Adrian in the foreground and your guess is as good as mine, who's up front!

All had done amazingly well, and had begun to learn to manage a following sea. This can be difficult to work with, as both wind and swell changes so when it pushes from behind, it can be unnerving, but super satisfying and exciting as you begin to channel the wind and the swells energy in catching a ride.

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