Sunday, 15 May 2011

xplore - sea kayaking courses North Wales

Xplore is our intermediate sea kayaking course, and this weekend the course was aimed as an introduction to rough water. With a forecast of F5/6 this could be interesting, so the Straits was the choice for our 1st day.

May has been a windier month, and wetter ... I guess making up for the lack of April Showers ... as we got hailed on a couple of times today and it stung!

Jill paddling below, through some quick water, approaching Menai Bridge. Day was focused on ferry glides & using transits, anticipating conditions, eyes up looking forward, for wind and current. Eddy turns and effective forward paddling.

Sunday was Treadour Bay, F4 winds, with some swell and surf. Looking at turns in swell and working with a following sea and surfing.

Paul taking the swell in his stroke! Treadour Bay

John, enjoying a surf in
Keith setting him self up, for a good ride in.

Vicky, with the last run of the day, in some good surf, and ...

a super controlled finish and even time for a smile ... happy days!

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