Monday, 23 May 2011

Improve sea kayaking - courses North Wales, Anglesey

Today was due to be the 2nd day of the Discover, but with strong winds still forecast I gave an option to transfer the day to another date. Zoe and Richard chose to stay and so we paddled on the Menai Straits. It was just after low water so we had some useful rocks and formation so shelter behind, but it was to windy to enter the Swellies.

After a couple of eddy turns we focused on ferry glides, below both can be seen making good progress.

We then focused on vertical strokes, such as bow rudders and cross deck bow rudders. Richard below demonstrating a good bowie rudder.

We used the shelter of the islands to practise technical strokes and then moved out into the wind and swell, to vary practice.

Zoe leading out of the bay.

As the wind and the tide began to slow down, we were able to progress into the Swellies, with Menai Bridge in the foreground.

Richard leading back to the start, having nearly completed a ferry glide and some super stern rudders and boat control from both of them.

A short walk to one of the cafes, and a chat with a drink wrapped up the day, with two happy people, wanting more!

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