Sunday, 29 May 2011

Discover North Wales sea kayaking

Stella had contacted us a few months back about running a two day discover during the week and then Claudia, from Germany booked on, so we had a course. It was another windy start, but llyn Padarn, served us well and allowed good opportunity to work on turning skills and use of BODY, as we explored the small bays that make up the lagoons.

Day was finished and somewhat busier than the stare and a super view of Snowdon ( the lower pinnated peak on the right). The highest mountain in Wales and the 2nd in the UK.

2nd day saw us afloat on the Straits considering moving water, observation, ferry glides and some stern rudders. We had a few squalls push through, but otherwise an ok day.
Stella leading as we approach Britannia bridge. All in all despite a poor forecast we made the mossy and got on the salty sea, and if smiles are a good indicator of a good day, then happy days!

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