Sunday, 29 May 2011

North Wales sea kayaking - Bespoke

The originally plan was to have a wild camp, but with some windy weather two days sea kayaking, with a public camp site was realistic. Moelfre beach and the East coast of Anglesey, saw us out of the F5 gusts of wind and gave us something to work with. the course was aimed at Discover, our introductory sea kayaking course due mixed abilities.

Tom, Chloe, Brendan, John, Chris, Dan, Becky, John and Bella, make up the team (from left to right)

We paddled down to Benlech for mugs of tea and ice creams and below we on our return journey, with a gentle following wind, for assistance.

A short break and then after landing, the next level was presented as an option, which was going to be rougher and with current. A few decided that they were pleased with their achievements and went for a drink in the pub ... while the remaining paddled on to Yni's Molefre, a small island off the headland. It provide a super exciting finish with some wind against tide, loads of sea birds and a great finish.
The next day the wind had been rough over night, and with the raft race on the Straits time on the lake made sense. A gloomy start which soon cleared, some draw strokes and then refreshing our stern rudders, on our journey up the lake.

A break for some food before crossing back over and the start of further challenges of the day!

Brendan half way across the lake

Fun and balance, between Barry and my self and a few demos and fair play to Barry for the attempt at a head stand. One of the best sessions Ive been involved with ...every one got involved with a couple really pushing it out ...

Chris on his 2nd level of around the world ..

There was many of these, but only a few caught on the camera ... Dan and Tom remain steadfast despite distractions!

John, with Jedi skills floating on the water ... or just about to do a succesful bow dip!

Lots going on and Becky hits the spot

Bella having just completed, and now considering the return journey, with a super 360 pivot!

Chloe, completing what seemed a long journey and a successful return!

Tom and Becky creating a super attempt of a joint fun and balance and its all at normal speed ...enjoy!

Thanks for a super fun weekend, great attitudes, easy going and such a giggle ... i haven't laughed so much ... bring on July!

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