Sunday, 1 April 2012

1st Camp – East of Salen

This report was sent in from the team sitting by a log fire yesterday....
“Friday evening started well with, Zoe arriving in good time and, a cooked meal. A great surprise was seeing Justine & Barry who popped in to wish us well. What was also great was that Justine was on her feet + looking OK, considering hours before she had a tube sticking out of her side having punctured her lung, after a nasty fall from her mountain bike. The journey to pick up Shamim from the lakes went well, with few cars on the road. An essential stop in Tyndrum for chips despite having expended no calories so far soon saw the crew into their comfy stop for the night at Inchree. Wine and a beer on the terrace, sunshine and some tidal planning, food and a super log fire um...can't be bad!”

On the Corran Ferry

After the last stages of the journey to the water, and crossing Loch Linnhe on the Corran ferry, and some paddling... today's report has arrived from the team at their first camp...

“Camping just East of Salem, super little spot. We’ve seen a few common seals today and an early otter sighting! The wind pick up early afternoon, F3/4 on the nose, bit cold (about 6 degrees )and showers”

Along with this Top Tip - "If it ant broke don't fix it- food packing system was changed, to having daily bags all over the boat , have decided 2 go back to the original system of dinner in stern hatch, lunch in day hatch + breakfast in bow!"

Food seems to have become a theme already!

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