Tuesday, 10 April 2012

All in 1 day

Squally showers, but looking good.
All up at 0530 saw sonja walking out to get the bus, to cross Mull, catch a ferry + get a taxi ..the only problem was that at Loch Aline there was no taxi! Sonja had been talking with the bus driver and the ferry staff + Steve a fisherman, came to the rescue. By 1100 Sonja was back on the island :)
Meanwhile the offshore F2/3 had been gently building and the swell from the last 2 days provided exciting conditions at times, with confused seas (pictures are taken on my blackberry, so tending to be calmer).

Just over 3 hours saw us into probably the best public campsite in the world! Stunning emerald seas, golden sands, flat golf course grass and showers, at long last, oh and real toilets and all for £6!Tents up, shower and cleaned, Sonja soon arrived and we drove off to collect her kayak from the previous site, pleased in how smoothly it all came together.

With tomorrow's forecast of F4 gusting F5, we're going for a light boat day, working skills in The Sound and the bay, and then hopefully the next step is to Stafa and then on to Ulva, weather permitting!

Diane Lee

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