Tuesday, 3 April 2012

2 Updates, and 4 Seasons in 1 Day

Here's the update from yesterday’s crossing to Mull:
"Great day with calm misty start and then sunshine and seeing the tops. Both Zoe and Shamim’s hard work on forward paddling from the previous months really paid off today with a steady 3kn which was maintained as the wind picked up to F3. Reaching Mull & enjoying fish/scampi & chips was top. "
Tips & comments from the group...
1. Remember to look down from time to time - as we saw some amazing star fish and tidal flow on the kelp.
2. Remember to stop for big boats and allow a wide berth for them to go through rather than paddle hard and hope to pass it!!

And First thing this morning....With winds F4/5 from the north, a sprinkling of snow on the tops the team is staying put for the moment. We may go into Tobermory later. All OK and pleased with yesterdays 26k.

And today’s update...
"After a windy and rainy night the forecast of NE F5 gusting 6-7 was clearly established. More tea, breakfast, reading + brunch, brought us to 1200 and a decision to go a float and do some down wind work and turning in swell. A squally front brought some sleet and then some beautiful sunshine, which seemed to be the pattern for the day.If the winds stay NE and drops to F4 then we hope to cross back to the other side and use the shelter of this coastline.

Di Lee


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