Friday, 6 April 2012

The Eagle has Landed

Port Ohirnie

-Its a beautiful cove, with hundreds of primroses, amazing view across to the inner hebs.

We were on the water for 8am and after a super relaxed afternoon are now enjoying a cosy evening round the fire . Today's forecast F2/3 NW general direction, seem to be accurate. 1hr later and the wind's strength was increasing, although we were some what distracted by the 2 white tailed sea eagles, like" flying barn doors" a fantastic moment! A super sea state as we left Port Donain

Just after seeing the eagles!

After finding a small rocky cove 2 land in for a break, it was clear we had an aggressive front coming through at F4/5 on the bow. If we kept in close we could avoid the main strength of the wind. We pulled into a final bay to have a brew and a longer break and the main channel was now rough. Time to look for tent spaces.

We're up again at 0600 and hoping the forecast of a morning of F2/3 and then an afternoon F3/4 holds. Wind currently has dropped, so here's hoping!

Diane Lee
Sea Kayaking North Wales

Expedition Support and Sea Kayak Rapid Development Programmes

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