Sunday, 8 April 2012

Stunning Coastline

6.00 am Morning so far so good!

Up early and the wind was looking good, F2/3 and the morning light and clouds were fantastic.

We were soon at the point and starting the crossing of Loch Buie. We took a break on the land at a well placed bay, to prepare for the longer and remote section of coast. This section was truly stunning. It wasn't long before we saw 2 golden eagles, enjoying the winds, soaring above us.

We experienced a couple of stronger gusts of wind, at Malcoms Point, which reminded us that the wind was due 2 increase to F3/4. A couple of hours later we felt the stronger down draughts, but we just distracted by the cliffs, rock formations, water falls and sheer beauty of the place. We had decided to aim for a camp close to a road at Uisken, due to the next 2 days forecast being a windy F5/6, so at least allowing for a break and an opportunity to walk/hitch to re-stock food and enjoy a visit to a bar!

Well its currently a solid F4 with occasional gusts of F5 and low cloud, but a good 30k day and Zoe surprised us each with a welcomed can of gin and tonic... Life is good!

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