Sunday, 8 April 2012

Food, Glorious Food!

Despite waking at 05.30, I soon fell back to sleep, relishing in the reality of a ly-in. Around 09.00 we were up, Sonja was soon making pancakes and Zoe produced a cream egg for each of us. What a super start to a rest day!

The plan was to walk the 5k into the village and hope the local shop was open and also the hotel, to have some food and charge my phone.

We were in luck as there was a run being organised, so the village was a hive of activity and an amazingly well stocked, although little shop. Even a hot water bottle was bought!! The hotel was also open and between us 2 pork, cider and sweat potato pies with chips + veg, chicken, ham + leek pie with chips, and a crab claw salad. From what must have been the biggest crab, ever! Phone charged and some tidal planning and looking at the distance and options available to us.

We got back to dry wind blown kit, another bonus. Tomorrow is also due to be very windy, so another rest day and then all being well Tuesday's forecast of F3/4 will come good and allow us to begin the West coast, passing through the Sound of Iona and then north on to Staffa, before camping on Ulva.

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