Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Dinners on me! (Roger)

After a night of rain and squally winds it all seemed to fit the forecast of F4 and then F4/5 by the afternoon. Our plan was to leave camp set up +paddle in the chop +swell of Iona sound.

After some core rotation work using cross deck bow rudders, we crossed the sound using transits, which allowed both Shamim + Zoe to experiment. Now this is the really great bit, Di sent me a forecast up date which was F3/4 until 4pm and then increasing, BIG thanks for this .... I put the thought of crossing to Staffa and then on to Ulfa. Other than the fact that we only had a few items of food, it was on!
As we approach Staffa, Shamim saw her first Puffin and both were close to completing their first open crossing. There was a good swell running so we stayed out from the cliffs. The wind although on the bow had been more F2/3 and it had been a good journey. Crossing to Little Colonsay meant we were across the wind, which provided a super learning opportunity on the gentle use of skeg and working with the 5k.

Landing for some lunch was a shared affair and now the crucial element was getting text to Sonja to pick us up! We paddled on to Ulva, just in time to a cool bear + can of pop, before paddling across the sound to unpack and prep kit to load into the van. Sonja arrived + it had taken her 3 hours ..dinners on me then :)

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