Friday, 13 April 2012

Friday 13th Lucky for some!

On the water for 6am after our best pack up. Super light and a moody sky saw us on our way and enjoying the flow on Rubh a Chaoil + then Caliach Point. The wind was NE which did us a favour, in reducing wind across tide.
We pushed on into a light F2/3 and headed for our breakfast or brunch stop at the beautiful Port Langamull Only accessible by foot or water.

Breakfast beach.

We pushed on refuelled + moving out into the flow. Bay after bay passed, with the Small Isles appearing + then disappearing.

Excitement just after "Bloody Bay" came in what must have been a strong back eddy stream, that was flowing 1-1.5kn against us, likely produced by the North Channel on the flood pulling out SE channel ... maybe!

Turn South down the Sound of Mull


We arrived to a smile from Sonja, welcoming us to Tobermory after a total of 13 days from Strontian, 11 days paddling round Mull, with 4 days off the water. Showers at the visitor centre, fish & chips in the harbour and a celebratory drink in the bar.

Congratulations both to Shamim and Zoe for their achievment and for making work. Big thanks to Diane Lee for her forecasts and updates and to Sonja for getting the van and her support.

Sat rest and sort day, must be a coffee in there somewhere? Catch the Oban ferry at 5pm and find a campsite!

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  1. well done everyone! Looks like a beautiful trip. I look forward to chatting to you about it when you get home!