Friday, 4 May 2012

3 star sea training - North Wales sea kayaking

After meeting Kevin at Menai Bridge and transferring kayaks we went for a coffee and to talk over the syllabus of the 3 star award.  After a short tidal planning exercise, we headed off to Cemais Bay to look for appropriate conditions to work with, such as a following sea, confused water, eddies and wind!

The main current was on the ebb and this had created a super eddy stream flowing out of the East corner of the bay, which provided a good and useful shoot of rougher water and then once turned and heading back, great following sea conditions.

We did a couple of runs and then moved into a calmer bay to put some adjustments on the stern rudder and use of edge/body to assist.

Kevin produced a couple of good rolls in the conditions and was getting a good idea on what he needed to put some further work into ...

The sun was great and we did a couple of pull/push contact tows and as we paddled back to the bay, an in line tow.  Here consideration was given to best place to clip, ensure belt quick release is easy accessible, access to knife, clip up or down and so on.  We finished off with me capsizing and Kevin putting me back in, and looked at an option of using the person in the water to assist with the rescue.

Back at Menai Bridge we managed to find a good table in the sun and worked through his action plan, to assist his progress towards achieving the 3 star sea award!

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