Thursday, 10 May 2012

caves & arches - Bespoke sea kayaking

I met Sally & Frank last year so it was great to be out paddling with them both again, particularly in there new sea kayaks.  The forecast was some what mixed NE f2/3 then increasing to f3/4 and with gusts of f5 also forecast.  So some shelter from the wind and journey along a new piece of coast for them both, would hit the mark.

Sandy bay to Church Bay, on the west coast of Anglesey was our destination ...  

Sally manoeuvring her Rockpool sea kayak, through one of the slimmer and early arches of the benefits of getting on an hour or so before high water ...

Frank discovering how long his Anglesey stick measures!!

Having a good break at church bay ..

We then decided to paddle on round the next two small headlands, towards Carmel Head, and discovered a couple of super gullies and caves ...

Looking across at North Stack (to the right off Frank).  We then began our paddle back with the assistance of a f3 stern wind and with occasional eddy stream flow against us, provided something more to work with.

Just before our bay we had noticed a huge boat on the headland and then as we approached this super bench ... the small blue flowers were a type of bluebell ... not sure if this was on private land or what ...but I want one!!

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