Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A long but magic day!

With 0.6 of a metre swell and f2/3 winds forecast Bardsey Island was on, with all coming together for this advanced trip.  Kevin was joining us today, so a short change over of kit and his sea kayak was soon on the roof and we were off to Aberdaron on the Lleyn, were we were due to meet Olly and his team to sort out a shuttle.

First off the beach was Anita, it was a little cooler today.

Both Anita and Nick had looked at a plan, which was to get Bardsey Island light house in sight and cross the flood stream, by keeping the larger mass of Bardsey and the lighthouse in line.  This meant we would cross high, avoid any rough water, although more paddling into/across current.

Lunch just above the slip way, with 5 different countries sitting down together!!  We met Steve, the warden who kindly invited us up and we sat down for some tea/coffee and chatted.  Mist had began rolling in and Olly and myself joked that we might have to really work on the way back, if we couldn't see land!!

As we approached the end of Bardsey Island, the mainland began to show its self ... nice 1

The wind had gently picked up so we travelled across the sound fairly quickly ...

A quick look back at Bardsey ...

Before some excitement began ... the last 1.5k or so we changed angle so that we were more into tide and now ferry gliding back to the mainland and as the current pushed past, super short fast waves were set up, and provide some great surfing opportunities, the closer we got to Braich y Pwll.

Once round the headland, we had a gentle eddy stream against us which was flowing into a f3 wind which was now on our backs and some wind against tide ... now the swell had increased from the start of the day and close into the cliffs there was a reasonable ground swell, although we were both surprised at the Surf at Porth Oer ...

Which was fairly sizable in the middle of the bay ....

and had a good punch!

Anita showing some super balance .... and her first time beach surfing a sea kayak .... go girl!!

The cafe was still open, so thanks for the ice cream Anita and by the time we were loaded and driving away, it was the other side of 1800, but it didn't matter, as it had been a magic day!

Thanks to Steve for his hospitality and to Olly and team for helping with a shuttle.

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