Thursday, 24 May 2012

Moody and Misty ... Island in the tides

It had to Bardsey Island for the 2nd day on this bespoke sea kayaking course with another day of f1/2 winds forecast!   Its only the 2nd time ive taken a group out here, so that gives you an idea what it takes for it all to come together for the journey to be on.

And what an exciting Moody & Misty ... heavy foggy actually ... start it was, but with calm oily seas and loads of shearwaters, we saw a raft of around 50 at one point. For 15 minutes we lost sight of land totally, and with a gentle swell running it was very atmospheric. I was on a rough bearing and we were paddling out on the last of the flood.

And then out of the gloom she appeared and as we paddled closer we could hear the chattering of the birds ...

After lunch we took a walk up to the top of the island, and the mist was clearing. We looked back across to the light house, the 2nd one in our two days ...

On the way down we were greeted by a couple of the locals and great to meet Steve again and Jo his wife, for the first time.  They both live and work on Bardsey,  BIG thanks to you both for the pot of tea!

Time to work the tide ... The ebb was at a good flow, so we hugged the coast, using the eddy streams were possible, before paddling hard across the eddy line into the flow and on our way back to main land.  After about 30 minutes we could change angle and settle down into a more gentle rhythm ...

The boys with the "Island in the Tides" in  the background.  A top day and some good paddling from both Rich and Douglas and super conditions made it all possible.  We met Frank on the beach, a great surprise ... and another storey and he kindly bought us all a cream tea ... fantastic and thanks, it really hit the spot!

So what about Thursday ... another lighthouse may be?

roger chandler
sea kayaking north wales

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