Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Lighthouses, gullies and flow

Tuesday and what a super sea kayaking day it was ... have a guess were we went!

I needed some rough water to provide a suitable moderate water environment for Zoe and her 3 star sea assessment.  I was particularly happy for the 2nd time this year, to set off in a pair of shorts, rash vest and sandals ... feeling that summer had arrived!  We went out against the ebb and Zoe led lines using the eddy streams, to make effective progress against the flow.

The back of the first big bay allowed us to get in fairly close and go through some super channels, gullies and caves, putting those turning strokes into practise  ... Rich below creating a new style!!

Guessed where yet?  we paddled up and on through Annie's arch, with the flow stronger and channelling against us, using the micro eddies to pause and set our angle, before powering out.  Douglas below having a ponder ...

Crossed Gogarth Bay, and paddled into Wen Zawn, watching  climbers on "Dream of White Horses" with South Stack lighthouse in the back ground.

Sneaked up to North Stack race and then worked a load of eddy turns, close and wide ones and then  crossing out into the flow holding position and then back into the eddy.  The speed was there, but only small waves ...

Back to parliament house cave for a break and some lunch before jumping on the conveyor belt and catching the ride back to the main race at South Stack and then round to our start at Porth Dafarch.

Back in the bay and some assisted/self rescues and some great rolling ... here Douglas pulled off his first successful roll and Rich following his successful weekend with Cheri & Turner, from "this is the roll" fame, pulled off left and right handed rolls and as for Zoe ... well she passed her 3 star so I guess that says it all!!

Zoe was only out for the day, but Douglas and Rich were on for a 2nd day ... so were next with this super silky sea forecast!

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