Friday, 4 May 2012

Bardsey Island courier ... + an otter!

  Its a long story but the shorter version begins like this .... I was waiting down at the boatyard for a client, to provide a bespoke sea kayaking day, when I got a phone call, that due to personal difficulties he was no longer able to make it.  It was a super sunny day and I was looking forward to getting out and topping up my vitamin d intake.  So I pondered for a moment and thought lets go for a paddle and ill make a call and see if Barry was interested, as I fancied the Skerries or Bardsey Island.  

Well I created a problem for Barry as he was working on his house and was caught between saying yes and getting on with the work he needed to do ... he suggested Justine ... depending on her decision he might then change his mind!  A quick call to Justine caught her packing and sorting out kit for the drive up to the Kari -Tek symposium and her side was still tender ... but could I deliver a copy of "this is the roll" to Steve Porter, the farmer on Bardsey.  Fantastic, I now had a mission and a clear purpose, so a bag of apples latter, a news paper and I was on my way.

I went from Porth Oer, on the West coast of the Lleyn due to the Flood beginning round about 1300, so this hopefully would allow for a good paddle back, plus id only been from Porth Oer, once before and on the ebb, so I was keen to see what this was like.

Wind was a light F2 and just a gentle swell, with loads of sunshine ... and then I saw an otter ... it was just in the shade and I had my sunglasses on, so I didn't see it until the last moment, but what a moment and my 2nd one in Wales and on the Lleyn!  

I decided to keep close to the headland and paddle up towards Carreg Ddu, (the Aberdaron side) and then do a ferry glide towards Bardsey, then turn and paddle round the west side and round the Island, which despite having been to Bardsey 7/8 times before id only paddled round the whole island once before!

Small group of seals watching me closely ...

and this one just snoozing away the day ...

After a couple of stronger eddy streams, flowing against me, I was soon at Pen Diban on the Southern end and looking forward to a hopeful cup of tea with Steve!

I soon spotted him out on his quad checking on the cows, which are close to calving ... 

Slip way and then on for tea and delivery completed!!

The wind had picked up to a stiff breeze and yet it was a head wind, with wind against tide ... I took a couple of photos and the following short video clip, before attempting to settle down into a rhythm ...

I was pleased that as I got closer to the mainland, the wind began to drop.  Whether it was now gaining more friction from the coast ... and the wind had picked up more speed crossing the sound, due to less friction ... I'm not sure ... but I was pleased and decided to stay out making the maximum of the flow, before paddling back into the beautiful Porth Oer.

I was tired and hungry, but satisfied and pleased with my day and I was also in  good time for a Pizza!!

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