Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sea, sunshine, sand and cookies - discover sea kayaking

This was our first weekend Taster and Discover Sea kayaking course, and what a super group of people, bring some good weather with them, despite the cold wind!

We headed to Rhosneigr, to make the most of the rocky islands, sandy shore and to avoid the wind... with Murray & George, Laura & James, Becky & Jason, who all had done of a mixture of being in boats in the past.

One at the beach we spent some time going through dry land drills ... from some paddle work, to what happens if you end up in the water (Becky & Jason above) and going through a dry land how to get back in your kayak and then demos on the sand of looking the way you want to go to create a good and effective edge.

We spent a good hour or so, working  with using edge, across the bay, down wind and back round into wind.  And then looked at using edge to keep the kayak moving in the right direction with less paddle work ... and some skeg down breeze work ...  a break out of what was a cold wind and then on to our destination, with the aim of putting the strokes into practice and a new context.

There was enough wind to keep people focused and at the same time provide something to work with and consider ...

The mountains on the Lleyn, looked super, climbing right out of the sea ... this photo just dosent really tell the picture ...

Worth mentioning this was a gift  for Murray from his partner, Christine nice one! and also that it was the first day out for the Mitchell Blades!

After a super hot spot out of the wind and in full sun... it was important to move on .... we explored the various rocky inlets and channels experiencing more of the wind and aiming to reduce the use of the skeg ...

We crossed the bay heading back to the start, and after a few carries boats were back on the trailer and we were driving of to the village of Rhosneigr, to find a suitable spot for a drink and an opportunity to reflect on the day!

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