Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What a view ... from the Skerries

With another super forecast, the plan was a paddle out to the Skerries, of the NW tip of Anglesey, which is an advanced journey, due to tides/currents, exposure and commitment.  Both Anita and Nick had done some great planning the night before, so after a coffee, it was clear they both had a plan.  It was Nicks task to get us out there!

We saw Olly and his team on the beach at Church Bay as we arrived and we were soon on the water heading out towards a cardinal mark, which we couldn't see to begin with, so a compass bearing was used and a gentle vector to allow for drift.  We soon spotted it, way off in the distance (2.5nm) and once South and North Stack were in alignment, he took angle towards the Skerries, but with the aim of bringing Langdon Ridge cardinal in alignment with N + S Stack.  As we got closer it was the small roof of the white building below that we needed to keep insight so we could come round to the left of the lighthouse ...

Nick did a super job and Anita, was working very well with a gentle following sea and getting more used to keeping her vision up and taking in the big picture, rather than just her bow!

It was great to be here, and the first time this year (?) and even more so because the terns were in true spirit ... fantastic.  We also passed many rafts of Puffins on the way in ...  

Olly had reserved us a space on the roof top terrace and what a top spot ... even more so as they had a car at Cemais and could give me a lift back to the van!

The terns were fantastic and we could watch a couple of seals lounging in the shallows ...

We set off and crossed a couple of gentle eddy streams, and talked about anticipation, "what would you expect to potentially be happening here?" so that we can be better prepared and then entered the main silky flood.  Did some in line towing and a rafted tow for practise and then each led a spot on leg to a buoy ...

Victoria Bank cardinal mark and then on to Harry Furlongs ... we were soon in the bay, changed and I was on my way back to the van.  BIG thanks for this, Olly.

So with another top forecast, both have the task of looking and planning a trip to Bardsey Island ... Island in the Tides  ... must go goes I have Flood tide to catch!

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